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Since 1997, Aspen Heights High School Academy through has provided free online high school diploma practice tests and a free high school diploma program for teens and adults to complete their higher education. If you are looking to earn your high school diploma online, Aspen Heights High School Academy offers the most current courses with free enrollment. Our online high school diploma course is designed in an accelerated format for students who need their recognition fast. Most applicants can enroll and finish the online test in less than 1 hour depending on their prior education and motivation. Take the free high school test and be on your way to quickly receiving your diploma today!

If you need a high school diploma in order to get a job or further your higher education, our program is the right choice for you. More employers, trade schools and colleges are requiring a diploma as the number of applicants continues to increase. Our accelerated online high school course is entirely free to enroll in and students can finish it at a pace that works for them. Most individuals can pass the program and receive their high school diploma in less than one week from the time of enrollment. It takes only a minute to enroll in our program and then you can immediately begin the course. The exam is split into core education topics and guides the applicant along the way as they complete each step. At any time, an applicant can stop the test and return at a later time to exactly where they last left off. Get started for free today in our fast high school diploma test and complete your higher education through Aspen Online High School! Fast High School Program Or Honor's High School Course

Thinking about going to college? If you are eligible for online college or are wanting to make yourself eligible for online college in the near future, we encourage you to complete the request form to receive material about the various degree and career options you have. To receive free online college info,

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Our new online high school diploma courses are based on current high school test prep instructional curriculum and the optional, interactive study guide is an advanced feature that provides convenient help throughout either of the programs. Get more with your online high school diploma graduation package now with Aspen Heights High School Academy. Feel a new level of higher education success when you graduation from our new Honor's high school diploma course and receive many additional graduation package items as well! Both high school classes are entirely free so we welcome eligible individuals to further their education and potential by enrolling in one of our 100% on line high school exams. Take either course at your own pace!

For teens and adults who are considering the online high school course, we now provide convenient payment plans for the graduation package. The most common offered is the three-part plan where graduates pay 1/3 upon setting up the payment arrangement and then another payment two weeks after with the final payment complete two weeks after the second. Our advisors can also assist graduates who prefer a faster plan option or even a customized payment arrangement. If you have questions or would like to set up a high school graduation package payment plan, please click on the link below or call an advisor on our toll-free phone number. >> Payment Plans

Aspen Heights High School Academy through the website gives convenient options for individuals who are ready to earn their high school diploma online. Our free programs are designed in a way where the applicant can either complete in one sitting or save their test and return at a later date with the username and password created upon enrollment. Our online high school has helped thousands of adults and teens earn a diploma due to our entirely web-based education courses. We understand that fewer people now have the ability to attend classes in person or take long high school programs which require local attendance. Now you can earn your high school diploma at home with Aspen Heights High School Academy!

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Thank you Aspen Heights for your online program. I just completed the course and am waiting for my graduation package. I feel like I made a huge accomplishment!

Jane R.
Orange, CA

I just got the job I needed with my new high school diploma! Your school helped me because I couldn't take the time needed to go get my GED. I will recommend you to all my friends, thanks a million!

Alex G.
Mobile, AL

The technical school you sent my sealed diploma and transcripts to contacted me and I am accepted for enrollment, thank you!

Harold J.
Orlando, FL

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Aspen Heights High School Academy has been recognized as one of the top online high schools and has received the coveted 2013 Education Achievement Award. This award shows our continued commitment to adapting high school programs that reflect the integrity which traditional high schools possess. To learn more about Aspen Heights High School Academy and our mission of higher education school resources, visit about us.

Graduates from either high school program are eligible to order the diploma package which includes verification services. If you are a graduate of the fast online high school program, you are eligible for one email verification completion. For graduates of the honor's high school diploma course, one email and phone verification is included as a standard with the graduation package. Our updated verification process provides an effective way for employers, schools, organizations and more to confirm a graduate has passed our program. Our high school advisors work on behalf of the graduates to ensure the appropriate representative receives the information approved to be released by the graduate. If you require additional verification, you can either order phone and/or email verification from our Graduation Store page.

Frequent Questions about the GED and Online High School Programs

Question: How do I get my GED online?
Answer: You cannot earn your GED online no matter what any particular website tells you. The GED is a battery of tests that are performed in person at your local state-designated GED testining facility. The test is timed and you will be monitored.

Question: Can I get my GED for free?
Answer: The GED testing center in your local area will charge a fee for you to take the official GED. You cannot earn a GED for free. Make sure to study for the test as you will be charged for retakes if needed.

Question: Where can I take a free online GED practice test?
Answer: Many individuals help prepare for the GED test by taking our online high school program as practice, among other forms of preparation.

Question: I want to take GED classes online, will that be enough?
Answer: We highly recommend individuals get the proper GED test practice through books, study exams and on line resources. Studying for the GED thoroughly should be standard as the test is harder than most applicants expect.

Question: Is your high school diploma course free to take online?
Answer: Enrollment is free and the entire high school diploma online course can be taken at no cost. Graduates have the option to order their diploma graduation package.

Question: I want to earn my diploma fast, is your program easy?
Answer: Our online high school diploma test is formatted in an accelerated format and can be completed fast although it depends on each student's educational ability and motivation.

Question: I need my high school diploma for cheap, is yours the best?
Answer: Our high school diploma graduation packages include far more than other on line schools and for a similar price. Get extras like a wooden diploma frame, gift cards, resume writing kit, lifetime verification, wallet diploma card and more!

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