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Attaining your high school diploma in Jacksonville, Florida will increase your job prospects and open doors for you that would have otherwise been closed without one. If you are seeking financial security for your future, a high school diploma is more important than ever these days.

Aspen Heights High School Academy was created with residents of Miami in mind who can now earn a high school diploma online and at no cost to them. Our adult high school programs are designed to fit the needs of busy individuals interested in finishing their high school education but do not have the time or money to attend a traditional classroom setting. Our fast-tracking online program is so unique, you can have your diploma in your hands in as little as one week without having to step foot in a classroom! Study according to your own schedule and take as much or as little time as you need with each subject. Our online high school courses are flexible and convenient. Enrollment into Aspen Heights High School Academy is free making it the leading choice amongst teens and adults in Tampa in need of earning their diploma fast!

Our counselors are waiting to walk you through the process of our free high school diploma course – enroll today for a better-paying job and a prosperous future “Enroll for free now!

Florida’s Largest Cities Population
Fort Lauderdale 165,521
Hialeah 224,669
Jacksonville 821,784
Miami 399,457
Orlando 238,300
Pembroke Pines 154,750
Port St. Lucie 164,603
Saint Petersburg 244,769
Tallahassee 181,376
Tampa 335,709

With a median household income of $38,517 in Wilmington, Delaware, it’s more important than ever to earn an accredited high school diploma to secure a great-paying job.

Jean Ribault High School is among the leading high schools in Jackson, Florida as well as Philip Randolph Academies. These two high schools are best known for their excellent student/teacher ratios making them the perfect choices to earn an accredited high school diploma. Jean Ribault High School
3701 Winton Drive
Jacksonville, Fl. 32208

Philip Randolph Academies
1157 Golfair Blvd
Jacksonville, Fl. 32209

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Did you know that Gatorade was developed in Florida? In the early 1960s, a team of researchers at the University of Florida started a project to develop a product that would rapidly replace the fluid and salts lost during extreme exertion. In 1965, Robert Cade, a kidney researcher and professor of medicine, concocted a formula to combat dehydration. All that was left to do was test the new formula. Football players lose a great amount of body fluid when practicing and playing games. The researchers decided to test the new formula on 10 members of the University of Florida football team. The name of the team is the "Gators," derived from the word alligator, so it was decided to name the formula "Gatorade."

Aspen Heights High School Academy has been recognized as one of the top online high schools and has received the coveted 2013 Education Achievement Award. This award shows our continued commitment to adapting high school programs that reflect the integrity which traditional high schools test possess. To learn more about Aspen Heights High School Academy and our mission of higher education school resources, visit about us.

Graduates from either high school program are eligible to order the diploma package which includes verification services. If you are a graduate of the fast online high school program, you are eligible for one email verification completion. For graduates of the honor's high school diploma course, one email and phone verification is included as a standard with the graduation package. Our updated verification process provides an effective way for employers, schools, organizations and more to confirm a graduate has passed our program. Our high school advisors work on behalf of the graduates to ensure the appropriate representative receives the information approved to be released by the graduate. If you require additional verification, you can either order phone and/or email verification from our Graduation Store page.

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