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Mississippi's Largest Cities Population
Biloxi 44,054
Greenville 34,400
Gulfport 67,793
Hattiesburg 45,989
Jackson 173,514
Meridian 41,148
Olive Branch 33,484
Southaven 48,982
Tupelo 34,546
West Gulfport 71,329

When earning your high school diploma in Mississippi, you should be sure the high school you will attend is accredited. The Office of Accreditation is a regulatory office charged with the primary responsibility of administering the state's performance-based accreditation system for public schools and the accreditation system for nonpublic schools electing to seek accreditation from the State Board of Education.

For more information on earning an accredited high school diploma in the State of Mississippi, please use the following contact information: Office of Accreditation
Paula Vanderford, Director
Central High School
359 North West Street
Jackson, MS 39202
(601) 359-3764
Fax: (601) 359-1979

Did you know?
Did you know the "Teddy Bear" was founded in Mississippi?

The "Teddy Bear" was created as a direct result of President Theodore Roosevelt's (Teddy) refusal to shoot a captured bear in 1902, while on a hunting expedition in Sharkey County, Mississippi.

For more "Fun Facts" about Mississippi, visit www.50states.com/facts/miss.htmCached - Similar.

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Graduates from either high school program are eligible to order the diploma package which includes verification services. If you are a graduate of the fast online high school program, you are eligible for one email verification completion. For graduates of the honor's high school diploma course, one email and phone verification is included as a standard with the graduation package. Our updated verification process provides an effective way for employers, schools, organizations and more to confirm a graduate has passed our program. Our high school advisors work on behalf of the graduates to ensure the appropriate representative receives the information approved to be released by the graduate. If you require additional verification, you can either order phone and/or email verification from our Graduation Store page.

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