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If you're residing in Kansas City and are in need of earning your high school diploma fast, Aspen Heights High School Academy has created the perfect online program just for you! Unemployed residents of Saint Louis know just how hard it is to find a good job today. Having your high school diploma in today's job market is not only crucial, it's almost mandatory.

We understand how difficult and expensive it can be to go back to school in a classroom setting after years have passed. We know it's not practical to take off from work or find a babysitter to attend classes. With that in mind, Aspen Heights High School Academy has developed a free high school diploma course that works with your schedule to help you earn a diploma from home and at no cost to you!

Unlike other adult high school programs, our online high school courses are designed with your busy schedule in mind, so our regimen gives you the flexibility to study on your own time and as much as you may need to earn your high school diploma online fast and for free!

Job hunting in Springfield no longer has to be difficult once you've earned your high school diploma. Applying for college or to a vocational school is now made possible in Columbia once you've passed your high school diploma test giving you the recognition you deserve!

We've helped thousands of teens and adults earn their high school diploma online and fast. Let us help you get a better-paying job and the self-confidence that comes along with completing your high school education. Our counselors are trained to work with you every step of the way. Enroll for free today and take advantage of our expertise in education and change your life for the better.

Missouri's Largest Cities Population
Columbia 108,500
East Independence 110,675
Independence 116,830
Kansas City 459,787
Lees Summit 91,364
O'Fallon 79,329
Saint Charles 65,794
Saint Joseph 76,780
Saint Louis 319,294
Springfield 159,498

Ladue Horton Watkins High School located in St. Louis, Missouri is committed to developing the full potential of each student by providing exceptional learning experiences making it one of many high schools in the State of Missouri to earn your accredited high school diploma. Ladue Horton Watkins High School
1201 S. Warson Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63124

Did you know?
Did you know the most destructive tornado on record occurred in Missouri?

On March 18, 1925 in Annapolis it took only three hours for the tornado to blow through the town leaving a 980-foot wide trail of demolished buildings, uprooted trees, and overturned cars killing 823 people and almost 3,000 injured. For more fun and interesting facts about Missouri, visit http://www.50states.com/facts/mo.htm

Aspen Heights High School Academy has been recognized as one of the top online high schools and has received the coveted 2013 Education Achievement Award. This award shows our continued commitment to adapting high school programs that reflect the integrity which traditional high schools test possess. To learn more about Aspen Heights High School Academy and our mission of higher education school resources, visit about us.

Graduates from either high school program are eligible to order the diploma package which includes verification services. If you are a graduate of the fast online high school program, you are eligible for one email verification completion. For graduates of the honor's high school diploma course, one email and phone verification is included as a standard with the graduation package. Our updated verification process provides an effective way for employers, schools, organizations and more to confirm a graduate has passed our program. Our high school advisors work on behalf of the graduates to ensure the appropriate representative receives the information approved to be released by the graduate. If you require additional verification, you can either order phone and/or email verification from our Graduation Store page.

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