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If you are living in the state of Virginia and are in need of earning your high school diploma, Aspen Heights High School Academy has created the perfect online program for you. Unemployed residents of Fairfax do not be discouraged any longer! We understand having a high school diploma is critical and almost mandatory when competing in today’s job market. Our advisors understand how hard it is to find a job and are available and waiting to get you going in the right direction.

After years have passed going back to school in a classroom setting does not sound appealing. West Madison Falls understands how difficult it would be to return to a traditional classroom setting in Norfolk. That is why we are proud to offer a free high school diploma course that you can take online in the comfort of your own home.

Another advantage of our program is you can take the courses on your own availability, you don’t need to take off from work, there is no need to neglect your family and an added bonus is no text books need to be purchased! West Madison Falls has already helped thousands of commonwealth residents of Chesapeake by obtaining their diploma and we are consistently applauded on the flexibility of our program.

A high school diploma is a must, not only will it secure your financial future but it will give you the confidence to compete in that higher paying job market, Richmond has to offer. Let’s face it, it is impossible to get acceptance into college or a trade school without a diploma disabling you from a higher education. West Madison Falls is hassle free, our program allows you the freedom you deserve and supports you making your own schedule and encourages you to complete the courses at your own pace based on your specific agenda.

Virginia has 176 colleges and universities, if it is your diploma that is holding you back from taking advantage of an education and competing in the competitive job market Suffolk has to offer, our free online high school program can help you reach your goals.

Virginia's Largest Cities Population
Virginia Beach 186,440
Norfolk 129,480
Chesapeake 112,488
Richmond 103,712
Arlington 88,328
Newport News 87,461
Hampton 82,825
Alexandria 72,897
Portsmouth 67,311
Roanoke 58,652

It should not be a surprise that the US Department of Educations’ National Assessment of Educational Progress ranks Virginia’s educational system in the top 10. Virginia students outperform the average in all subject areas and grade levels tested. For a list of accredited high schools located in the state of Virginia take advantage of the following website. http://universitiesandcollegesinvirginia.com/High-Schools.cf

Open High School located in Richmond Virginia is one of the few schools to receive a 9 out of 10 Great Schools Rating. Better known as “the school without walls.” Each student it required to volunteer 80 hours before graduating. Over 95% of the students go on to higher education or institutes after graduating. Open High School uses community partnerships to enhance student learning experiences. They have high expectations for student academic achievement butalso recognize that each student is a whole person. They believe in a teamwork approach to student achievement that includes the students, parents, and teachers as key members to “team success!”

Open High School Address:
600 South Pine Street
Richmond, VA 23220

Grades: 9-12


Grassfield High School located in Chesapeake, VA is another 9 out of 10 Great Schools rating. They are proud to employ Mrs. Andrea Vail SCA Advisor and Student Activities Coordinator who has been honored again as Virginia’s Advisor of the year! This is the top award presented by the state, at the Virginia Student Council Association State’s Convention. She has served as Grassfield’s SCA advisor Since 2007 when the school opened.

Grassfield High School Address:
2007 Grizzly Trail
Chesapeake, VA


Did you know?

Did you know about ¼ of Virginian’s work for the United States Government? The Pentagon building in Arlington is the largest office building in the world. The Pentagon has nearly 68,000 miles of internal telephone lines. Virginia has been dubbed the “Internet Capital of the World.” The Atlantic Headquarters of NATO is located in Norfolk.

Aspen Heights High School Academy has been recognized as one of the top online high schools and has received the coveted 2013 Education Achievement Award. This award shows our continued commitment to adapting high school programs that reflect the integrity which traditional high schools test possess. To learn more about Aspen Heights High School Academy and our mission of higher education school resources, visit about us.

Graduates from either high school program are eligible to order the diploma package which includes verification services. If you are a graduate of the fast online high school program, you are eligible for one email verification completion. For graduates of the honor's high school diploma course, one email and phone verification is included as a standard with the graduation package. Our updated verification process provides an effective way for employers, schools, organizations and more to confirm a graduate has passed our program. Our high school advisors work on behalf of the graduates to ensure the appropriate representative receives the information approved to be released by the graduate. If you require additional verification, you can either order phone and/or email verification from our Graduation Store page.

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